Lou Laurin-Lam


Stockholm 1934 – Paris 2012

Lou Laurin-Lam
She was born in 1934 in Stockholm, her father was a professor in history. Very young, Lou Laurin Lam felt a lot concerned in history and she was very soon politically conscious. Through her works, she approves or sentences historical facts impetuously, audaciously and with great passion. Engaged to fight against all forms of tyranny, she hesitates, for instance, to show herself as a person bringing justice, swallowing the huge society problems such as illiteracy, hunger war exploitation or atomic bomb…
Her very amazing style brings people to questions. She is at the same time ingenous and terribly lucid and this mixing gives Lou Laurin-Lam’s works all their dimensions. The thread of her work is really amazing. Between popular pictures and “Dadaisme”, she gathers and builds her works similar to the imaginary of children. All the components belong to a typical feminine universe such as sewing (fabrics, button, snaps, wools…) and cooking (coffee grains, corks, seals, camenbert cheese boxes…).
As well as everyday is making History, her art is an appointment with fragments of the real and poetry.



Centre Culturel Suédois, Paris, 1984

Centre Culturel Suédois, Paris, 1988

Musée de Rättvik, Sweden, 1988

Musée de Sundsvall, Sweden, 1989

Konstnärshuset, Stockholm, 1989

Galerie Gothia Linköping, Sweden, 1990

Galerie G.Helsinborg, Sweden, 1990

Espace latino-américain, Paris, 1991

Galerie Chantal Kensey, Paris, 2001

Maison de l’Amérique Latine, Paris, 2001

Galerie Minsky, Paris, 2005

Galerie Minsky, Paris, 2007


Public collections

Suède Moderna Museet ; Statens Konstrad, Stockholm
Sundsvall Museum, Sundsvall

Musée de la Solidarité Salvador Allende
Centre national d’art contemporain, Skopje

Musée d’Art Contemporain, Skopje

Musée de la Révolution, La Havana

Musée des Tiroirs, Berne