Michel Henricot


Michel Henricot born in 1941 in Douai, fascinated with the work of Gustave Moreau, Max Ernst, Max Klinger, Renaissance Italian Painting
and Egyptian Art. He was a close friend of Leonor Fini, Stanislao Lepri and Constantin jelenski. Michel Henricot began to exhibit his works very early in his life, at his twenties. That’s how he met the Leonor Fini.My greatest friendships have arisen through painting – like with Léonor Fini. It’s a very strong link, extraordinary really… But if we were friends, it’s because we had a common ground. I wasn’t really influenced by her. Certainly, she wasn’t influenced by me! It was more a way of seeing things…”. During his life he had the exhibitions in France, Germany, Italy and United States.

In the works of Michel Henricot the body is situated between wakingness and sleep. Sometimes nude, sometimes wrapped in bandages like the mummies of ancient Egypt, they are plunged into an alternative state of being. Time has no hold on them… they belong at one and the same time to life and to death.