Richard Overstreet


Richard Overstreet was born in Oakland, California (USA). Holds a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Berkeley, he moved to Paris where he became a journalist at Time Life. Then he goes to photography and working with a lot of personalities such as Francois Truffaut. From 1975 he devoted himself entirely to painting and photography. In his large canvases painted in thick layers, Richard Overstreet creates a world of ambiguities inhabited by shadows. The details are hidden in the thickness of the paint or sketched lightly to become almost imperceptible.


“The Ambiguity is a tool in the search for universal rather than specific, questions rather than answers, ideas rather than facts. Thanks to his experience in the film, Richard Overstreet entered a way of thinking that gives pictorial expression to the feelings elusive and transient experiences that make up a large part of human existence. “Michael Schwager. Curatorial Assistant San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.