Win Knowlton

Win Knowlton’s drawings and sculptures are organizational systems ; they take precautions against chaos. In a space open on all sides they represent geometrical and musical structures that produce a fleeting equilibrium. They answer chaos with calmness, balance, understatement, and wit. But time and again they take zero as their point of departure and circumvent their own questioning. This is the surprising thing about them, their cunning : in a wilfully playful manner they position themselves at right angles to three-dimensional space, thus making it visible. Through the wit of their reduction, they point to an inexhaustible, formal richness. In an essay about Knowlton’s sculptures at the Whitney Museum, the artist’s affinity for Morandi is rightly mentioned. Each work is its own reductive system ; together they produce a meta-system, a visual language that – if one is able to decipher it – promises happiness.Karl Baratta (translated from German by Douglas Deitemyer)

On Ward’s Island, Organization for Independent Artists, New York, 1980

Win Knowlton : Sculpture and Drawings, The Clocktower, New York, 1981

Selections, Artists Space, New York, 1982

A More Store, Jack Tilton Gallery, New York, 1983

Projects, Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1986

New Sculpture, BlumHelman Gallery, New York, 1987

Win Knowlton, Galerie Montenay, Paris, 1988

New Drawings, BlumHelman Gallery, New York, 1989

New Sculpture, BlumHelman Gallery, New York, 1990

Win Knowlton, Vaughan & Vaughan, Minneapolis, 1990

Win Knowlton, Eugene Bonder Gallery, Cologne, 1990

Description Without Place, BlumHelman Gallery, New York, 1991

Win Knowlton, Eugene Binder Gallery, Dallas, 1991

New Sculptures, Eugene Binder Gallery, Dallas, 1993

Win Knowlton : Trees, Bill Maynes Contemporary Art, New York, 1995

Augustus St. Gaudens Fellowship Exhibition, Cornish (USA), 1995

Recent Works, Contemporary Art gallery, Ahmedabad (Inde), 1995

Win Knowlton, Bill Maynes Gallery, Dallas, 1998

Birds Blocks Bamboo, PSI Project, New York, 2002

Knowlton Mfg., Paul Rodgers/9W, New York, 2002

AAF, Minsky, Bruxelles, 2010

AAF, Minsky, New York, 2010

Art Elysées, Minsky, Paris, 2010

ViennaFair, galerie Grita Insam, Autriche, 2011

AAF, Minsky, Bruxelles, 2011

AAF, Minsky, New York, 2011

Art Elysées, Minsky, Paris, 2011

AAF, Minsky, New York, 2012

Art Elysées, Minsky, Paris, 2012

India Art Fair, Minsky, New Delhi, 2013

Art13, Minsky, Londres, 2013

Art Elysées, Minsky, Paris, 2013


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