Knowlton Win – #318


Gouache on paper

42 x 58 cm



Born 1953, Boston, MA, USA.

Win Knowlton’s paintings on paper are disarming in their simple deadpan vocabulary of signs and symbols. These drawings, where the color is the line and the line the color, urge the rich panoply of forms to engage in a dynamic, subtle and complexly disjunctive dialogue with the physicality of the paper ground; The mysterious metamorphosis of marks and forms that float in amorphous space reinforces many vague and enigmatic references: traces of tribal rhythms, rituals and marks; oblique allusions to naïve and primitive ingenuity; hints of Paul Klee; distant echoes of the Bauhaus and an. Insider’s flirtation with any number of post-modern sleight of hands. But ultimately it is a futile exercise to pin down the sources of his art because these shapes, and the white ground on which they so beguilingly taunt the eye, are Knowlton’s alone. The pure fruit of his own invention.

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Win Knowlton