Patrick Rimoux


Patrick Rimoux is sometimes considered a sculptor of light and sometimes a tailor of shadows. Light and shadow, crucial complements of one another, find their place in his work to turn the spectator into a nyctalopian, blessed with night blindness in order to see what was previously invisible and doomed to obscurity. This engineer, specialist in the latest technologies who has also a visual artist, photographer, sculptor and designer has now turned his orientation to the creation of works of art. Known for the great variety of his work he is chiefly known for his lighting of the urban scene and public monuments. The use of monuments, which are integral to the scheme of human history, is his way of giving them an alternative, expanded vision, revealing the intrinsic sense of theater that resides in each space. In addition, the light creates a transitory architecture that is at once ephemeral and fluid, bringing out a whole universe of emotion through a reconfiguration of texture, color, shape and volume.