Shoichi Hasegawa, La Fête - Japanese traditional painting - 92 x 73 cm

Shoichi Hasegawa, La Fête - Japanese traditional painting - 92 x 73 cm

EXHIBITION : Shoichi Hasegawa – November 10th - December 11th, 2017

EXHIBITION : Shoichi Hasegawa – November 10th - December 11th, 2017

Shoichi Hasegawa, Une Île - Japanese traditional painting - 89 x 130 cm

Shoichi Hasegawa, Une Île - Japanese traditional painting - 89 x 130 cm

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the artists :

Stanislao Lepri(IT)

Stanislao Lepri



Henri-Jean Closon


Max Papart(FR)

Max Papart





Portrait de Frida Kahlo

Lou Laurin-Lam


#12 Untitled

Win Knowlton



Yuri Kuper



Geneviève Hugon


Dongfang Tuquin(CH)

Dongfang Tuqin


Railway station
, Morbi, Western Railway, Gujarat, India

Pietro Pietromarchi



Karen Swami


N1A Segui petit bon homme

Antonio Segui


Sacaillan, spectators 2011 oil on canvas

Edouard Sacaillan


Erynies   2002  oil on canvas  145 x 89 cm

Michel Henricot


The Assitant

Waswo X. Waswo


Portrait Patrick Rimoux 1

Patrick Rimoux



Richard Overstreet


Arnaud Laval



Leonor Fini


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The Minsky Gallery welcomes you to its new space in Paris located at 37 rue Vanneau in the 7th arrondissement.

In this new welcoming space, in the same spirit as the street of the university, we are happy to present you our collections.

We will be happy to present the new catalog of Leonor Fini, which will be published in the near futur in the Skira Editions.

With Leonor Fini, we can defend other artists. Some have made ​​a great contribution to the history of art, such as Max Papart, Stanislao Lepri, Yuri Kuper and Henri -Jean Closon, Antonio Segui and other young people, fixed in their time, such as Win Knowlton, Dongfang Tuqin or Pietro Pietromarchi, Patrick Rimoux, Genevieve Hugon, Shoichi Hasegawa, Sacaillan and Karen Swami.

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SHOICHI HASEGAWA The art of Hasegawa remains an art of writing. We can see it through the fading signs, the spectral calligraphy that is drawn in waves of colours. The reading of the prints of Hasegawa, evokes the other "writers" of modern painting as the festival american painters or the french school, following the tradition of Dufy or Matisse, then Alechinsky or some of the artists of the Cobra Group, and inventive calligraphers such as Max Ernst and Paul Klee. From the calligraphy studied in Japan, Hasegawa kept the gesture form, the written sign, the use of papers and pigments (he imports from Japan multicolours powder, reduced natural products). In his paintings and watercolours, he layered colours without ever mixing them, opposing misty forms to precise lines. Hasegawa found the path to a poetic universe inviting us to follow it.


Opening : November 14th, 2017 at 6pm to 9 pm. Exhibition : November 10th - December 11th, 2017

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Beginning in January 2013, the Galerie minsky set up the Sherlock security system with the French bank LCL enabling us to have completely safe transactions adapted to the need of our clients. Please contact us for more informations :


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