Hugon Geneviève

Born in 1945 into and encouraged by a propitious and receptive background (literature and visual arts), her work is seductive, but a closer look emphasies its richness and its many facets.

A subtile and intelligent set of constructions : the shapes fit together, answer one another, break up, start a new. A warm colour, a cold one, another, an intake of breath, a collage…and at the end of it all, that harmony which we can call talent. 

If we can, without error, make out a great mastery and great practice in Geneviève Hugon’s work, it is without a doubt at the behest of mind, of visual  vision and a poetry which are the pillows of this creation, so very personnal and so very rich at the same time.

Experimentation and poetry are the pillars of this so rich and personal creation. Her work is presented in several museum all around the world.

Geneviève Hugon - Sur le Sable - 1995 - Huile sur toile - 74x52 cm


Sans titre, 2020, 80,5 x 115 cm

Sans Titre, 2020
Oil on canvas
80,5 x 115 cm

Saint-Mandé, Geneviève Hugon, 104 x 102 cm, huile sur toile, 2020

Saint Mandé, 2020
Oil on canvas
104 x 102 cm

Genevieve Hugon - L'Aube sur Villabé - 2003 - huile sur toile - 65 x 81 cm

L’Aube sur Vilabé, 2003
Oil on canvas
65 x 81 cm


L’Invité, 1999
Oil on canvas
81 x 59 cm

Geneviève Hugon - En Visite - 2010 - Huile sur toile - 47 x 27 cm

En visite, 2010
Oil on canvas
47 x 27 cm


Le Couple de Villabé, 2010
Oil on canvas
55 x 39 cm

hugon, magda, 1991, huile sur toile, 43x 32 cm

Magda, 1991
Oil on canvas
43 x 32 cm

Hugon_No_Smoking, 1987, huile sur toile, 92 x 60 cm

No Smoking, 1987
Oil on canvas
92 x 60 cm


Galerie Camille Renault, Paris, France, 1980

Exhibition F.I.A.F, Évry, France, 1981

Personal Exhibition at the Evry post office, Evry, France, 1982

Show  « Crea Femmes », Courcouronnes, France, 1984

Creation of geographical totems at the Bondoufles College ,France, 1984

Galerie Bosquet, Paris, France, 1985

Musée Jacquemart André, Fiest, Paris, France,1985

Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden 1986

Art Expo, New York,USA, 1986

Fiest, Conciergerie, Paris, France,  1986

Galerie Cupillard, Grenoble,France 1986

Galerie Curios, Marseille, France 1987

Galerie Sinklar, Sundvall, Sweden, 1987

Art Expo, New York, USA,  1987

Art Fair, Stockholm,Sweden, 1987

Arco Madrid, Spain, 1987

Galerie Nakita, Stockholm, Sweden, 1988

Galerie Etude, Tokyo, Japan,1988

Cultural Center, Venelles, France, 1988

Art Expo, New York,USA, 1988

Art Fair, Stokholm,Sweden, 1988

Arco Madrid, Spain , 1988

Railings Gallery, London, UK, 1988

Galerie Bosquet, Paris, France, 1989

Arco Madrid, Spain, 1989

Galerie Ducastel, Avignon,France, 1989

Muurtoi, Arnhem, Netherlands, 1989

 Galerie Cardia, Tokyo,Japan, 1989

Art-Side, Ris Orangis,France, 1989

Art Expo, New York, USA, 1989

Saga, Paris,France, 1989

Galerie Cupillard, Grenoble, France, 1989

Éditions du Prado, Marseille,France, 1989

Art Expo, New York, USA, 1989

Saga, Paris,France, 1990

Art Expo, New York, USA,1991

Galerie Bosquet, Paris, France,1991 

Galerie Dionne Arco Madrid, Spain, 1993

Miami Art Fair, Miami,USA, 1996

Galerie Minsky, Paris, France, 1999

AAF, New York,USA, 2003

Galerie Minsky, Paris, France, 2003

AAF, Brussels, Belgium, 2003

Artexpo, New York, USA, 2004

Galerie Minsky, Paris, France, 2009

AAF, New York, USA,2010

AAF, Brussels,Belgium, 2010

Art Elysées, Paris,France, 2011

AAF, New York,USA, 2011

AAF, Brussels,Belgium, 2011

AAF, Brussels, Belgium, 2012

Art Elysées, Paris, France,2012

Galerie Garden, Brussels, Belgium, 2012

Art Elysées, Paris,France, 2013

Art 13, London, UK, 2013

 India Art Fair, New Delhi, India,2013


Galerie Minsky, Paris, France, 2017 – 2018