Hasegawa Shoichi

Born in 1929, Yaizu, Japan. Lives and works in Paris, France. 

Shoichi Hasegawa studied the traditional japonese Arts at the Institut Kokuga in Tokyo. He left Japan for Paris in 1961 and initiated himself to the engraving in the Atelier 17 of Stanley William Hayter, a place where it was possible to meet the greatest artist of the XXth century.

The Art of Hasegawa is an Art of writing as attested by the fantomatic signs and the spectral calligraphic lines drowned under the colourful waves of his work.

The reading we can have of his work remains us the other “writer” of the Modern Art artist like the american gestural painter, Duffy, Matisse, Alechinsky or the Cobra group, Max Ernst and Paul Klee.

From the traditional calligraphy studied in Japan, Hasegawa kept the gesture, the writing, the paper and the japonese pigment he keep ordering. In his Art he overlaps the colours without mixing them together while opposing hazy forms with precise lines of calligraphy, which lead us to a poetic universe.


La Pagode, 2015

Oil on canvas
96,5 x 130 cm

SH73 tronc d'arbre et fleurs, huile sur toile

SH73 Tronc d’arbre et fleurs, 2017

Oil on canvas
73 x 92 cm

SH70 été, huile sur toile

SH 70 Eté, 2017

Oil on canvas
73 x 100 cm

Shoichi HASEGAWA - SH67 CLARTE - 89,5 x 180 cm

SH 67 Clarté, 2017

Oil on canvas
89,5 x 180 cm

SH78 Les trésors

SH 78 Les Trésors, 2017

Oil on canvas
66 x 92 cm


SH14 Fête à Cannes, technique mixte sur papier

SH 14 Fête à Cannes, 2017

Mix media on paper
49  x 60 cm

SH21 Petit village voisin, technique mixte sur papier

Sh21 Petit village voisin, 2017

Mix media on paper
30 x 49 cm

Shoichi HASEGAWA - SH 87 Espoir - 2017 - Aquarelle sur papier - 30 x 48 cm

SH87 Espoir, 2017

Watercolor on paper
30 x 48 cm

SH13 Dans le jardin japonais, technique mixte sur papier

SH13 Dans le jardin Japonais, 2017

Mix media on paper
60,5 x 48,5  cm

SH5 Visite dans un village, technique mixte sur papier

SH5 Visite dans un village, 2017

Mix media on paper
46,5 x 30 cm

SH33 Le coin de rue, technique mixte sur papier

SH33 Dans le coin de rue

Mix media on paper
38 x 45 cm


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