Sacaillan Edouard

Edouard Sacaillan was born in Thessaloniki in 1957 and began to paint very young despite the adversity. His work was exhibited several times in Athens and he received the 18th Alexandria Art Bienniale prize.

The paintings of this Greek artist of Armenian origin could be classified within the framework of a demonstrative expressionism. The work of Edouard Sacaillan is charged with cries and silences, colors and darkness, images and shocks and the titles of the Artworks, often inscribed in the canvas, another Ariadne’s thread, at the end unleash the knots of a machinery that is in fact an analytical, moral and cruel enigma, seeking in the dream the truth that is hidden from it .



Spectateurs, 2015
acrylic on canvas
70 x 50 cm


l’Attente, 2018

Acrylic on canvas
151 x 133 cm

Centenaire de l’aviation, 2002

Acrylic on canvas
78 x 117,5 cm

Edouard SACAILLAN, face aux spectateurs, 100x80cm, acrylique sur toile, 2015

Face Aux Spectateurs, 2015
Acrylic on canvas
100 x 80 cm

Edouard SACAILLAN-combat de chiens-99,5x80cm-acrylique sur toile-2015

Combat de Chiens, 2015
Acrylic on canvas
99,5 x 80 cm

Edouard SACAILLAN-spectral-97x146cm-acrylisque sur toile-2015

Spectral, 2015
Acrylic on canvas
97 x 146cm

Edouard Sacaillan, Les cibles

Les Cibles, 2017
Acrylic on canvas
97 x 146 cm

Sacaillan, réunion de chiens, 2017, 90 x 120 cm

La Réunion de Chiens, 2017
Acrylic on canvas
90 x 120 cm

Edouars SACAILLAN-entre autres-146x97cm-acrylique sur toile-HD

Entres Autres, 2015
Acrylic on canvas
146 x 97 cm

Edouard SACAILLAN, l'acteur et les spectateurs, 144x96cm,acrylique sur toile,2015

L’Acteur et les Spectateurs, 2015
Acrylic on canvas
144 x 96 cm

Edouard SACAILLAN, les formats du peintre, 146x97cm, acrylique sur toile, 2015

Les Formats du Peintre, 2015
Acrylic on canvas
146 x 97 cm

Edouard SACAILLAN-embouteillage-150x100cm-acrylique sur toile-2011

Embouteillages, 2011
Acrylic on canvas
150 x 100 cm


1984-1987 – Vikatos Scholarship at ENSB-A, Paris (studio of Cremonini).

1976-1981 – Athens School of Fine Arts, (studios of Mytaras and Moralis)



1994 – Painting Award of the 18th Biennale of Alexandria.

1992 – “The Trophies of Colour, the Lefranc-Bourgeois National Award for Painting”, Lefranc-Bourgeois, Cirque d’Hivers, Paris.

1987 – Prix de l’ Académie de Médicine de France.


 2018 – Rétrospective Edouard Sacaillan “Les spectateurs” espace Richaud-Versailles, organized by the galerie Minslky

2017 – Galerie Minsky, Paris

2015 – Galerie Morfi, Limassol (Chypre)

2013 – Galerie Lefor Openo, Paris

2013 – Kalfayan Galleries, Athènes

2011 – Affordable Art Fair, Galerie Minsky, Νew York

2009 – Sacaillan. Le regard du peintre, musée Frissiras, Athènes

2008 – “Viewers”, Kalfayan Galleries, Thessaloniki.

2008 – Vienna fair 2008, Solo show, Kalfayan Galleries (Athens-Thessaloniki).

2007 – “Utopias of Paradise”, Kalfayan Galleries, Athens. 

2006 – “Landscapes and People”, Ellinogermaniki Agogi, Athens.

2005 – “Dialogues 2005”, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art and Kalfayan Galleries, Thessaloniki.

“Spaces with People”, Foundation of Thracian Art & Tradition in

collaboration with Kalfayan Galleries (Athens – Thessaloniki).

Omikron Gallery, Nicosia.

Kalfayan Galleries, Thessaloniki.

2004 – Kalfayan Galleries, Thessaloniki.

2003 – Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens. 

2002 – Galerie Lefor Openo, Paris.

2001 – Galerie Le Point, Monte Carlo 

1999 – “The Crowd and the Child”, Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens.

1997 – Terracotta Art Gallery, Thessaloniki.

Amimoni Gallery, Ioannina.

1996 – Milonogianni Gallery, Crete.

“Le visage et la foule”, Gallerie Dionne, Paris.

1995 – Chrysa Gallery, Katerini.

Polyedro Gallery, Patra.

 1993 – “The Crowd and the Child”, Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens.

1991 – Galerie Arichi, Paris.

Terracotta Art Gallery, Thessaloniki.

 1990 – Galerie Eonnet-Dupuy, Paris.

Municipal Gallery of Kalamata, Kalamata.

Iraklio Gallery, Crete.

Tiryns Gallery, Karditsa.

1989 – Agathi Gallery, Athens. 

1988 – Ora Gallery, Athens.

1984 – Ora Gallery, Athens.



Municipal Gallery of Vouliagmeni, Athens.

2019 – Iraklion Basilique de Saint Marc, Crète ” The collector’s Eye : The Sotiris Felios Collection” par Luisa Karapidaki

2013 – Art Athina, Kalfayan Galleries, Αthènes

2012 – Gold, Imperial Belvedere Palace Museum, Vienne (commissaire : Thomas Zaunschirm 

2011 – Blanc et noir, musée Frissiras, Αthènes

2010 – Vérité nue, musée Frissiras, Αthènes

 2009 – Le regard du temps – collection Sotiris Felios, musée Benaki, Αthènes

2009 – 35 artistes pour la démocratie, Ζappéion Megaron, Αthènes

2009 – Art Dubai, Kalfayan Galleries, Dubaï

2009 – Art Athina, Kalfayan Galleries, Athènes 

2008 – Art Dubai 2008, Kalfayan Galleries (Athens-Thessaloniki).

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Visual Arts in Greece II, ‘Artistic Innovation. Semiotics of its Conditions in the

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Viennafair, Kalfayan Galleries, Vienna. 

2006 – Artissima, Kalfayan Galleries, Turin.

“Once upon a time there was Penelope Delta”, Athens College, Athens.

“Anatomy of a Dream”, Kalfayan Galleries, Thessaloniki.

“Athens Voice: Art on the Front Page II”, Benaki Museum, Athens.

“Cow Parade”, Athens 

2005 – “Dialogues 2005”, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art and

Kalfayan Galleries, Thessaloniki.

Art Athina, Kalfayan Galleries, Athens.

“Ploes XI, In Arte Veritas”, P. and M. Kydoniefs Foundation, Andros.

2004 – “The Suffering Body”, Centre of Contemporary Art, Rethymnon.

“In our image, after our likeness”, Frissiras Museum, Athens.

2002 – “Voyageur sans boussole: Sur les traces de Dubuffet”, (curated by

Eurydice Trichon), Museum of Modern Art, Centre G. Pompidou, Paris.

Art Paris, Lefor Openo, Paris.

 2001 – Salon de Mai, Paris.

2000 – Salon de Mai, Paris.

“2000 tins”, Lithographer of Pireaus Street, Athens 

1998 – “Contemporary Greek Art – Three Generations”, Museum of Art, Tel Aviv,

Israel and National Gallery of Athens, Athens.

“Contemporary Art, Three Generations” National Gallery of Art, Athens.

1997 – ”Vis à vis”, Fondation Coprim, Musée Louviers, France.

1996 – ‘Vis à vis”, Fondation Coprim, Paris.

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